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Novel coronavirus we have been taking action

2020-02-09 1411

In January 2020, no one thought that a sudden outbreak of "novel coronavirus" would upset everyone's life. During the Spring Festival holiday, most of my colleagues left nanjing and returned to their respective cities. With the aggravation of the epidemic, the leaders of the company are always concerned about the safety and health of the employees. After receiving the notice on the extension of the Spring Festival holiday in 2020 issued by the general office of the state council, the leader promptly organized a meeting to inform the news, reminded everyone to pay attention to their health at home during the holiday, and asked all colleagues to report their health status every day.

In view of the severe epidemic situation, in early February, the leaders of the company foresaw that there would be a shortage of epidemic prevention supplies after the resumption of work, and it would be difficult for employees to purchase epidemic prevention supplies. At the same time, the company also needed to do a good job in epidemic prevention, so they immediately arranged the administrative department to purchase the necessary epidemic prevention supplies urgently. With the foresight of the leader, the company was able to resume work and production quickly after receiving the notice from the relevant departments, which reduced the operating pressure of the company. At the same time, the company sent the necessary epidemic prevention materials to the employees from other places.

After the resumption of work, the company has been praised and affirmed in strict accordance with the national requirements for epidemic prevention and elimination work every day, and accepted the inspection of the district government anytime and anywhere. The company will officially resume work at the end of February 2020 in strict accordance with national regulations.

"Novel coronavirus" major emergency did bring a great economic loss to the enterprise. However, through the correct interpretation and strict implementation of the national and government documents by the company leaders, the company overcame all difficulties to achieve a phased victory. We hope this "epidemic" will come to an end soon. We wish the motherland and medical workers a happy New Year. We will work together to fight the epidemic.