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Back5G ORAN The remote unit

Product introduction:Follow the reference design scheme proposed by ORAN industry alliance Option 7-2x or option 8 is supported and is connected to the DU device through the eCPRI/CPRI interface It can provide up to 4×250mW output power, support up to 100MHz bandwidth, up to 256QAM, and support 4T4R Meet the quality requirements of operational products, support IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ power supply, plug and play, flexible deployment

Technical parameters

    • airport mode: 3GPP 5G NR airport

    • operating frequency band: n41@2515mhz-2675mhz

    • working bandwidth: support 50/100mhz continuous bandwidth

    • carrier quantity: single carrier

    • transmission power: 250mW/Tx, Total 1W

    • antenna configuration: built-in omnidirectional antenna and external antenna support

    •MIMO mode: 4 x 4

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