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BackOn-board computing platform

Product introduction:Railway on-board gateway equipment on-board audio and video data storage. The equipment has strong data processing capacity, high reliability, high stability. The software and hardware architecture based on plug-in architecture can achieve good business expansibility and is suitable for extensive deployment in railway rolling stock.

Technical parameters

    •CPU: 4 cores, 1.6GHz

    • memory: 2G (expandable)

    • storage: industrial-grade 128G SSD (expandable)

    •USB interface: 2×USB 3.0 interface, compatible with USB2.0 (can be extended to multiple USB interfaces)

    •GE interface: 2× gigabit Ethernet interface

    •10GE POE interface: 2×10G Ethernet interface (supporting 10Gbps/2.5Gbps/1Gbps, supporting POE function)

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