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BackGSM-R moving ring unit

Product introduction:As a supporting equipment of GSM-R digital fiber repeater system, the moving ring unit (i.e., the dynamic environment monitoring unit) is mainly used to monitor the deployment environment of GSM-R remote unit. The mobile ring unit can support infrared, access control, smoke, water immersion, temperature, humidity and UPS status detection and data collection. At the same time, the OMC system can be used for unified view, warning and management.

Technical parameters

    • size: 325mm×275mm×43mm (length × width × height)

    • weight: < 5kg

    • power supply: AC 220V

    • support infrared, smoke, water immersion, access control, temperature/humidity sensors

    • support monitoring the working status of UPS equipment and collecting UPS data information

    • support buzzer alarm of abnormal state

    • support docking with the remote unit and upload the collected sensor data and UPS data to OMC through the remote unit

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