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2020 nanjing diange communication technology co., LTD. Year-end celebration was held successfully

2020-01-17 321

The year-end celebration of nanjing diange communication technology co., ltd. was held in the store of lehe xuanwu avenue on January 16, 2020. This year-end celebration summarized the achievements of the company in 2019 and formulated the overall plan for the company in 2020, and thanked all the staff for their hard work over the past year, so that we could have a common communication and get-together.

At the beginning of the event, general manager zhang hongze specially invited the Bachata dance team to add to the fun of the year-end celebration. Teacher Dandan of the dance team performed a wonderful dance for everyone at the beginning. After the dance, Mr. Dandan invited colleagues from the company to dance on the spot, and the awkward and awkward dance movements of the prudish colleagues in the study caused continuous laughter on the spot. After teacher Dandan's careful teaching for just one hour, we soon realized the dance points and interacted happily with the dancer from the dance team. The exchange of partners brought the activity to the first climax.

Zhang Hongze general manager for you toast in the feast, a total 2019 companies were summarized and the company achieved the great changes of this year, zhang always raise a glass to the company all colleagues thank words and announced the official start of the year-end celebration, sweepstakes, games, leading to send meeting everybody wishing all climax, unusually brilliant. This activity is also a rich reward: health standard with health pot, office companion cervical massage instrument, environmental protection ambassador air purifier, fairy favorite high-end cosmetics, high-end household cleaners, fashion must-have 5G mobile phone.

The final surprise of the year-end celebration came from the mysterious award of the chairman, who affirmed the efforts made by the company's leaders at all levels and all employees in the year, and gave specific directions for the company's planning and development goals in 2020. And tell you a good news: the company to protect the health of employees, reflects the company's care for employees. In addition to the statutory medical insurance, the company will purchase supplementary commercial insurance for every employee from 2020. If the company is willing to purchase this supplementary commercial insurance for its spouse and children, the company is willing to bear half of the premium. The audience cheered and thundered.

Looking back on the past year, we are full of pride, looking forward to the future, we shoulder heavy responsibilities. I wish nanjing diange communication technology co., ltd. more and more strong in 2020 under the leadership of the company.